Effective Supply Chain Risk Management

The main criteria a buyer considers before entering into an agreement with a supplier is price, quality and performance capabilities. If the wrong choice is made then the decision to appoint a supplier then this can have catastrophic effects on a buyers business. A detailed due diligence process can greatly reduce the risk of Supplier non-performance.

PTQ Supplier pre-qualification process is designed to provide Buyers with an in-depth understanding of each of their Suppliers capabilities to meet the demands of the supply agreement. Having a full and clear understanding of a company’s infrastructure, product ranges, supply capabilities and performance potentials, a buyer is in a far more beneficial position to make the best business decision.

Risk Removal

With a consistent and detailed due diligence process, non-performing Supplier risk can be managed and mitigated.

Delivering the right information

Key questions are asked to pin point accurate responses on all critical areas of company structure, supply and compliance.

Fast and effective Process

Detailed reports and vital data is fed instantly to the buyer.


Secure and easy to install process

  • No additional procedures or data sources required
  • Can integrate into any purchasing department
  • No carbon footprint

Tailor Made

Our programme and process is designed to meet each client’s requirements so it is sector specific and branded to include our client’s logos and corporate identity.

Fully supported process

PTQ in-house support team to call suppliers and deal with any questions and ensure they complete the questionnaire on time.


Secure Single Access Point

PTQ gives Buyers all the information required on suppliers in one efficient database. No need for a number of programmes and data resources. PTQ supply the solution you need to manage your compliance, due diligence and risk.

  • One single source database will hold all of the suppliers keyw data.
  • No need for a number of programmes and data resources.
  • You can quickly manage your compliance and risk and information of your suppliers
  • Extremely competitive cost and in many cases can be supplied on a cost neutral basis
  •  Managing risk within your supply chain & building strong supplier relationships
  • Bespoke view & information - One stop supplier information management
  • Taking the risk out of supplier risk management
  • Reducing your procurement costs
  • Red flag supplier answers for immediate analysis

360° Pre – Qualification Solution

Total control of your supply chain in 1 process