The Benefits Of PTQ

A single secure access point to all you supplier info

Why a Supplier pre-qualification program?

Buyers need to know answers to the questions below plus much more!

  • Does a Supplier have the right product ranges?
  • Do the products meet the required standards?
  • Can they meet delivery schedules?
  • Can their infrastructure cope with demand levels?
  • Do they comply with the correct regulations?
  • What is their insurance cover?
  • Are they financially stable?
  • What are their delivery terms?
  • What is their production capability?
  • What are their stock levels?
  • Do they employ sub-contractors?
  • What is their Health & Safety policy?
  • Are they environmentally friendly?
  • Do they have a CSR policy?
  • How important is your business to the Supplier?
  • How does their order processing work?
  • What is their trading history?
  • What are their trading terms?
  • Who are their key personnel?
  • What else can they offer my business?

360° Pre – Qualification Solution

Total control of your supply chain in 1 process