The Supplier's Journey

An orderly and logical questionnaire

“The Supplier’s Journey”

Once a purchasing department has decided to pre-qualify their supply chain through the PTQ process:-

  • Each Supplier, new and existing, will be required to complete the process.
  • Each Supplier is notified about their requirement to comply with the pre-qualification process and to provide information required.
  • Each Supplier will be provided with their unique Supplier number.
  • Each Supplier must log onto the PTQ program and complete the online questionnaire and upload the required documentation.
  • Suppliers will be notified of their Supplier status:     -    Pre-qualified Supplier
                                                                               -   Fail
  • Only pre-qualified Suppliers will be listed on the purchasing team’s database of Suppliers
  • Only pre-qualified Suppliers will be considered or selected by the Buyers

A supplier can visit the PTQ questionnaire several times to complete the questionnaire so it doesn’t have to be completed in one go.